About 0800 Reverse

0800 Reverse offers a convenient and easy-to-use reverse charge phone service for anyone who needs to stay connected with family and friends, but doesn’t have credit or coins when they need to make a call.

Launched in the UK 2003 and specialising in reverse charge calling, 0800 Reverse were the first provider in the UK market to use an alpha numeric phone word as its name. 0800 Reverse uses an easy-to-remember free call number which literally spells out the name of the service so that it is always top of mind. The service was launched with memorable campaigns and endorsements from well-known identities such as Holly Valance, helping establish 0800 Reverse as the number to know for reverse charge calls in the UK.

Not just an easy number to remember, 0800 Reverse is committed to providing the most accessible Reverse charge phone service possible. While the service has always been available to landlines, in early 2011 we extended our service to include reverse charge calls to mobiles. Helping people get in touch with their loved ones as quickly as possible, and ensuring they can always stay connected and safe. With 0800 Reverse, your family and friends are never out of reach when you need them most.

We understand that life happens, and sometimes unexpectedly. Things change suddenly, and you might not always have the change or credit to get in touch with the person you need, when you need them. That's why 0800 Reverse is not a subscription service and is only used on demand when you need it. There is no registration to use the service, and the receiver of the call is only charged for calls they choose to accept. The person receiving the call is always able to check the call costs before they accept the charges by pressing 0 on their phone.

We're committed to providing the most convenient, most accessible and highest quality reverse charge phone service possible. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can help you stay connected, please don't hesitate to Contact Us

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