Code Of Practice

Code Of Practice

1. The Purpose of the Code
2. Who is 0800 REVERSE
3. Contacting 0800 REVERSE
4. Range of 0800 REVERSE Services
5. 0800 REVERSE Customer Service
6. 0800 REVERSE Pricing Policy
7. Quality Standards and Continuance of Service
8. Dispute Resolution and Performance Targets
9. Customer Rights/Obligations
10. Data Protection and Privacy
11. Communications with our Customers
12. Social Responsibility
13. Review of our Terms and Conditions and Codes
14. Interpretations 

1. The Purpose of the Code

To introduce 0800 REVERSE. 
To provide information to enable contact with 0800 REVERSE. 
To provide an overview of the services provided by 0800 REVERSE.

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2. Who is 0800 REVERSE

0800 REVERSE is a provider of telecommunication services; specifically domestic and international Reverse Charge Calling and Voice Messaging. 0800 REVERSE is operated by 0800 REV PTY LTD, a limited company registered in Australia (ACN 506 641 816) and is part of the Interconnect 247 Ltd (ACN 126 897 121) Group of Companies incorporated in Australia.

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3. Contacting 0800 REVERSE

To view details of how to contact us,  click here...

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4. Range of 0800 REVERSE

The 0800 REVERSE service (“The Service”) can be accessed in the United Kingdom by dialing 0800 REVERSE (0800 738 3773).

Reverse Charge Calling

A caller (The Calling Party) either dials the access number for 0800 REVERSE by dialing 0800 followed by those keypad letters that correspond to spell the word REVERSE, that is, 7383773.

After connecting with 0800 REVERSE, the caller is requested to enter the number of the person they wish to contact (The Receiving Party). They are then asked to record their name. The Calling Party is then placed on hold while The Receiving Party is dialed automatically by the service on the number entered by the caller.

The Receiving Party is called and sees a call coming from a private number. Upon answering, they will hear a welcome message from 0800 REVERSE as well as a recording of The Calling Party's name. The Receiving Party is then asked whether they want to accept the call and the charges. This is an automated service without the use of an operator.

To accept the call, The Receiving Party should press any number on the key pad of their phone. To decline the call they can simply hang up or do nothing at all and the call will not be connected or charged.

Voice Messaging Service
In the event that there is no answer from The Receiving Party, The Calling Party may have the option to leave a reverse charge message. Having recorded their message, the calling party will hang up and 0800 REVERSE will attempt to redial the destination number.

When The Receiving Party answers, they will be asked whether they want to accept the message and pay the charges. To accept the message a receiving party should press any number on the key pad of their phone. To decline they can simply hang up or do nothing at all and the call will not be connected or charged.

0800 REVERSE will not attempt to contact the message destination number before 6.30am or after 10.30pm.

Following unsuccessful message delivery attempts to a Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) a final message may be left on the TAM by the automated system indicating that a message is awaiting retrieval for The Receiving Party and the number to call to retrieve it.

CallBack SMS
Particularly useful for those who consider themselves to be regular users. By selecting the CallBack SMS option you can send an SMS containing your number to the person that you wish to contact, The Receiving Party. The SMS will be sent to The Receiving Party allowing them to call you back.

CallBack SMS does not cost The Calling Party anything. Charges do apply to The Receiving Party once they agree to the terms of the offer. To view Pricing for CallBack SMS, just click here...

Pranking Service
Reverse charge calls can be expensive and are usually important and urgent calls. 0800 REVERSE provides a less expensive alternative called Pranking. This service is often used to message family and friends at a considerably lesser cost.

If a customer declines a number of Reverse Charge Calls, the system will play a recorded announcement offering the customer the Pranking Service or they will be barred from using the service in the future. If the customer accepts the terms for the Pranking Service they can continue to use the Pranking Service and pay for short messages, or utilize the full benefits of the standard Reverse Charge Call service.

An example of how Pranking may be used…… call 0800 REVERSE and the caller records a short message like “pick me up from the bus stop” instead of recording their name “Johnny” and the customer who receives the message can then either hang up after hearing the short message and pay the Pranking charge or accept the Reverse Charge Call.

U Pay Later
In instances where the person you are trying to call declines the reverse charge call or you choose not to request the person you wish to speak with to pay for the call, an option may be presented to you, The Calling Party, to make the call and pay later. To initiate this option you must press 1 and then listen to the terms prior to continuing the call. To decline this option, simply hang up. After the call is completed you will be billed by way of Premium SMS for the call charges. U Pay Later pricing is available, just click here...

An example of how U Pay Later can be used …… you are out of credit and need to really make a call but for whatever reason, maybe you’re trying to avoid an embarrassing situation, reversing the charges to your friend just isn’t an option. So connect with 0800 REVERSE and choose the U Pay Later option and pay for the call when you next top up. Just follow the prompts to enter the mobile number of the person you need to speak to and we’ll connect the call.

For further information about 0800 REVERSE's services please visit our FAQs page or to contact us click here...

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5. 0800 REVERSE Customer Service

The 0800 REVERSE reverse charge calling and messaging services are available to customers whose line provider has arrangements with 0800 REVERSE to provide the service. 0800 REVERSE has absolute and final discretion on the availability of the service to or from any mobile or land line telephone number.

Should the service no longer be required, please click here to contact 0800 REVERSE and request that your phone be blocked. This will ensure that you can no longer receive 0800 REVERSE Reverse Charge calls or messages to the telephone number or numbers that you request. You will be responsible for all applicable charges relating to the use of the service before the cancellation of the service has been completed by 0800 REVERSE.

0800 REVERSE reserves the right to suspend the service or any aspects of it at any time without notice or liability. Should the service be required to be reconnected (having been requested for cancellation by a customer)

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6. 0800 REVERSE Pricing Policy


This can be obtained from the Price section of the 0800 REVERSE website, to view the Call Charges,  click here...

0800 REVERSE may at any time vary the Call Charges at its absolute discretion without notice by updating the website accordingly.

Call Charges:

Call charges will apply from the time when 0800 REVERSE informs the Receiving Party, or the Calling Party where U Pay Later is the service acquired, that the call is connected and will continue to charge until such time as the call is terminated. Alternatively, in the event you acquire a message based service, Call Charges will apply at the time that the message is marked as delivered according to your mobile carriage service provider.

Additional charges:

Except for calls made using the U Pay Later service, 0800 REVERSE does not charge the Calling Party. However, carrier charges and/or surcharges from hotels, mobile phones and payphones may apply to the Calling Party. 0800 REVERSE holds no responsibility for any such charges.

Payment Methods:

Your mobile carrier may provide billing services to 0800 REVERSE for calls connected using the Service. The Call Charges will be billed to you via a Premium SMS sent to your mobile phone and payable by you within the times and by the payment methods specified by your carrier in accordance with your carrier's standard billing procedures.

For home phones, your carrier provides billing services to 0800 REVERSE for calls connected using the Service. The Call Charges will be billed to your account and payable by you within the times and by the payment methods specified by your carrier in accordance with your carrier's standard billing procedures

Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Subscribers:

Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Subscribers will be billed at the time the Premium SMS is delivered to the handset and your Pay-As-You-Go account has sufficient funds. Should there be insufficient funds the Premium SMS will be delivered at a later date at a time that your Pay-As-You-Go service has sufficient credit.

Post Paid Mobile Subscribers:

The call may be separately identified on your telephone bill in accordance with the bill presentation adopted by your carrier.


VAT will be presented in accordance with the bill presentation policy adopted by your mobile carrier but may be itemised on your bill without VAT with the VAT being calculated on totals or sub-totals.

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7. Quality Standards and Continuance of Service

Uninterrupted Service:

0800 REVERSE does not warrant that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free, although every effort will be made to ensure this is the case.

Capacity to Deliver:

0800 REVERSE undertakes to provide the Service using the reasonable care and skill of competent providers of Electronic Communications Services, Mobile Termination Premium SMS Services and Internet Web Site Services, however from time to time may be subject to the inability or failure of our own or by our supplier's capability and capacity to deliver all service at all times.

Availability of the Service:

The Service may not be available to some Standard Telephone Services and Cellular Mobile Service Networks.

Access to the Service:

0800 REVERSE may suspend, bar, disconnect, cancel or terminate the Service at any time and/or for any reason without liability to the User, The Receiving Party or any third party.


Although any other allowance of the Terms and Conditions to the extent permitted by law, "The Company" will not be liable to "The User", "The Receiving Party" or any third person or party claiming through "The User", "The Receiving Party" or any third person or party, in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss or damage arising from cancellation, barring, disconnection, suspension or termination of the " Service" or any faults arising in the "Service" in any way shape or form. 

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8. Dispute Resolution and Performance Targets

0800 REVERSE will offer a brief yet complete recorded explanation of the Service from the aspect of The User and The Receiving Party in an attempt to resolve all queries by telephone whilst the customer is on the line and before speaking to an operator.

Should an operator not be available or if the customer has called outside the normal trading hours of The Company, the customer may be asked to leave a message and The Company will attempt to assist the customer, The User or The Receiving Party either by sending a standard SMS or returning the call within a reasonable and respectable time.

Once a customer has spoken to a 0800 REVERSE representative and we have been unable to resolve a query while the customer is on the line, 0800 REVERSE will attempt to resolve any queries within 72 hours.

For queries received via the 0800 REVERSE website or via email, 0800 REVERSE will attempt to resolve these queries within 72 hours of receiving the query, subject to all relevant contact information being provided.

0800 REVERSE aims to resolve 99% of difficult enquiries within 72 hours of the query being lodged and the remaining 1% 0800 REVERSE aims to resolve within 5 business days.

0800 REVERSE reserves the, right at the absolute discretion of management, that they may agree to rebate in part or in full charges in certain circumstances. Where The Company agrees to do this, 0800 REVERSE will arrange for the appropriate credit to be either directly deposited into the customer's bank account or posted by mail to the preferred postal address provided by the customer. 

If an agreed settlement has not been reached within eight weeks of receiving your complaint or 0800 REVERSE agree in writing before the eight weeks is up that the dispute should be settled by independent adjudication, you have the option of referring your complaint for independent consideration to CISAS (the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme). CISAS will make an independent decision based purely on the merits of the case. There is no cost to access this scheme. You can contact CISAS at:
Telephone: 0207 520 3827
CICAS, 70 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1EU

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9. Customer Rights/Obligations

Call Barring:

Should a customer choose not to receive 0800 REVERSE Services as defined in section 4 'Range of 0800 REVERSE Services', they can contact 0800 REVERSE Customer Service Centre on click here... requesting a block from receiving such calls.


The person responsible for the telephone number to which the call is billed is responsible for all applicable charges for use of the " Service" whether you or another person with or without your knowledge or consent accepted such calls.

Limits of Use:

The User must not use the "Service" to transmit any offensive, defamatory, indecent, abusive, menacing, hoax or illegal material or any other material that would otherwise constitute a breach of any duty or obligation owed by any third party or by 0800 REVERSE. The User must not use the "Service" to tamper, interfere or alter in any way any call or calls made by any person or persons or with the "Service" in any way. The User must use the "Service" only for the purpose of Reverse Call and/or Reverse Charge Calls and/or authorised Message Delivery service.


The User indemnifies and shall keep 0800 REVERSE indemnified against all claims, costs, loss, expenses or injuries arising in relation to a breach of any of the clauses contained within the Terms and Condition of the Service.


The User of the Service must at all times comply with all regulations, laws, codes and/or determinations or any and all requirements of any government, statutory or regulatory authority. 

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10. Data Protection and Privacy

Protection of Data:

0800 REVERSE may use and process information it has about you and your use of the 0800 REVERSE services for marketing and research purposes. This information may include your call records. 0800 REVERSE will only do this for market research purposes in order to enhance the service it provides to you. However, 0800 REVERSE will not do this if you ask it not to and 0800 REVERSE will not provide this information to any other party. 0800 REVERSE requires your consent to carry out this research and will treat your consent as having been provided unless you notify 0800 REVERSE otherwise in writing at the address in section 3 above.


0800 REVERSE respects your privacy and will aim to protect it at all times. 0800 REVERSE will only retain information relating to you and your call records for as long as reasonably necessary or required by code or statute.

For more information on how 0800 REVERSE deals with data protection and privacy related matters, please see the full Privacy Policy  Click here...

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11. Communications with our Customers

Code of Practice

This Code of Practice and Terms and Conditions for using the Service are both available from the website. The Service is not a subscription service and so a Receiving Party is required to accept to receive each call on a call by call basis. A bill for the total cost of each accepted call will be sent to your phone via Premium SMS. All other communication will be via free message.

Service Usage

In the event of 0800 REVERSE becoming aware of a high value of calls or a high number of calls to a destination number, 0800 REVERSE may attempt to contact the owner of that service, to ensure they are aware of this fact and the charges that have been incurred. However, despite the provision of this service the lessee of the destination number is ultimately responsible for any charges incurred.

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12. Social Responsibility

0800 REVERSE recognises the social responsibilities of providing its service and will endeavour to honour these responsibilities whenever possible. Malicious or threatening calls should be reported to 0800 REVERSE Customer Service click here.... All reports of malicious or threatening calls will be treated seriously and 0800 REVERSE will take all necessary measures to deal with any such reports in the appropriate way. Assistance is available for those experiencing difficulty using 0800 REVERSE Service. Please contact 0800 REVERSE Customer Service if you require further information or explanation on how to use the service.

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13. Review of our Terms and Conditions and Codes.

These Terms and Conditions, Code of Practice, and other policies will be reviewed from time to time, sometimes more frequently than others if deemed to be necessary and in accordance with any PhonepayPlus or Ofcom requirements. All such changes to the Terms, Conditions and Codes will be notified to customers by updating this Code and publishing the current version on 0800 REVERSE's website at

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14. Interpretations

Receiving Party Means:
The account holder of a phone that accepts a reverse charge call.

Calling Party Means:
The person who is originating the call.

The Company Means:
0800 REV PTY LTD (ACN 506 641 816)

To contact us click here...

The User Means:
Either the Calling Party or the Receiving party

You and/or Your means:
The person who is paying for the reverse charge call and/or the person receiving or making the reverse charge call and/or the person accepting a reverse charge call. In short, an additional term for "The User", "The Calling Party" or "The Receiving Party"