Price to receive a call on a land line

All 0800 Reverse calls to home phones are charged a call connection fee and a call talktime charge.

A Prank Message is a recording of a short message made by the caller and played to the customer only after they have accepted to become a Pranking customer. This service is a less expensive alternative to a Reverse Charge Call.

Call Type Connection Fee Talktime Charge
Reverse Charge Call £6.00 £6.00 per 2 minute block
Pranking Message £3.00
per message delivered
n / a n / a

These prices only apply to calls to BT numbers. The prices do not apply to non BT lines, or numbers in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. For calls to non BT lines, the call charges above may vary and you should check with your Service Provider.

The 0800 Reverse service is listed in the BT Price List as the `service' provided, is delivered to and paid for by BT customers, but BT is not the provider of the service.

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