How to make a call

Dial '0800-r-e-v-e-r-s-e'

Grab your mobile, get to a payphone or pick-up a home phone and dial the numbers '0800'...followed with the numbers that spell REVERSE on your keypad. That's 0800 7-3-8-3-7-7-3

Enter the number
you wish to call

After dialling, you'll be connected to our automated system and hear: "Welcome to 0800 Reverse. Please enter the home or mobile number you wish to call." After the prompt, enter the phone number of the person you wish to call. The number can be a mobile or landline phone. If you are calling a landline, be sure to include the area code in-front of the number (eg. 0208 for Greater London).

Record your name
so the person you're calling knows it's you

After you've entered the phone number, you'll be asked to: “Say your name, after the tone...” It's important to say your name clearly as we'll play the recording to the person you're calling so they knows it's you.

Wait on the line while
your call is attempted


You’ll then be placed on hold, while we call the number you entered. If the person answering accepts the charges, you'll be connected and hear: "Your call is connected..."
If the person answering declines then there is no charge and you’ll be able to try another number.