Price to receive a call on a mobile

0800 Reverse is not a subscription service, the person receiving the call must choose to accept the call and charges each and every time they receive a call. 0800 Reverse will only charge the person receiving a call on their mobile after they accept the charges by pressing any number on their keypad.

All accepted calls are charged to the receiving person’s mobile by Premium SMS. There’s no charge if the person receiving the call chooses not to accept the charges.

Reverse Charge Call

Talk Time Connection Fee Talk Time Charge Total Charge
1-120 seconds £4.00 £4.00 £8.00
121-240 seconds £4.00 £8.00 £12.00
241-360 seconds £4.00 £12.00 £16.00

Connection Fee is charged via a single £4.00 Premium SMS.
Each 2 minutes of talk time, or part there of, are charged by 1 or more £4.00 Premium SMS Messages. All £4.00 Premium SMS messages sent from short code 80114.

U Pay Later

With U Pay Later you can make the call now and pay for it the next time you recharge. No name is recorded and you will be directly connected to the person you are calling. You pay for it later via Premium SMS and you are only charged if you are both connected. The total charge of a U Pay Later calls is £5.50 for up to 5 minutes of talk time, charged via 2 Premium SMS Messages;1 at £1.50 Premium SMS message sent from short code 80111 and 1 at £4.00 sent from short code 80114.

Talk Time Connection Fee Talk Time Charge Total Charge
1-300 seconds £1.50 £4.00 £5.50

CallBack SMS

By selecting the Call Back SMS option you can send an SMS containing your number to the person that you wish to contact, The Receiving Party. The SMS will be sent to The Receiving Party allowing them the option to simply call you back. Call Back SMS does not cost The Calling Party anything. Charges are billed to The Receiving Party, after they agree to the terms of the offer, at the rate of £1.50 per Callback SMS via Premium SMS sent from short code 80131.


Pranking is where the 0800 Reverse service is being used as a voice messaging service. Before blocking numbers that attempt to use the service in this way, we offer the option to accept being charged for this service. After agreeing and accepting the terms of the charges, the Receiving Party will be billed at the rate of £1.50 per call via Premium SMS sent from short code 80113.

To see the price of accepting an 0800 Reverse call on a Home Phone, click here


From time to time, 0800REVERSE may choose to reward loyal customers and charge you at a discounted rate. Discounted Premium SMS messages will be sent from one of the following Short Message Codes;
80114 (£4.00)
80113 (£1.50)
80111 (£1.50)